Hello there reader and welcome to my site.


My name is Jack Defer and I am a creative of sorts, I trained as a Prop maker at the university of the arts Wimbledon, however in the past I have turned my hand to a number of different hobbies and passions. I used to work in furniture restoration and then later turned my attention onto more theatrical ventures.

I am available for work with in film, television, events and theater work.

I also do commission work for:

  • Live action Role Play
  • Cosplay
  • Steampunks
  • a Variety of bespoke/ one off pieces and other unique oddities
  • as well as small production items

I am currently improving my skills in osteology taxidermy presently and in my spare time I set the occasional butterfly or two.

Please contact me with any queries and hope to hear from you soon.

Jack Defer