Moustache Wax



Dear Reader

After a hard days work toiling away making all manner of props and fodder, one usually finds ones self is a spot of bother regarding ones facial follicles.

This spat of unruly facial hair left me peeved to the nth degree and some what irked. To remedy this I found myself decidedly settled in my thinking armchair, cogitating a solution to my predicament. Then at last I found sanctuary in the wonders of wax, I jumped out of my chair and made hast to the Laboratory; Finding the perfect ingredients to concoct a moustache wax fit for upper lips on even the most distinguished Gentleman.

So now my dear reader I invite you as a most honored guest to come and try this glorious new wax. I am still experimenting with different scents to entice and beguile your olfactory nerves into a stupor. At present I currently have two varieties for you, these being……

Unscented: boring I know but still has a rather wonderfully subtle beeswax aroma…… The fact it has a scent renders it un-unscented, Never mind moving on.

Absinthe scented: Now there isn’t actually any Absinthe within the Wax or any alcoholic beverages for that matter but I can assure you the waft of aniseed is rife and will transport you back to the days of Parisian folly and artistic panache. DISCLAIMER: This wax does not possess any time traveling qualities and never will do, terribly sorry for any hopes dashed or disappointment caused. We can say however that you will look quite the debonair Bohemian ready to strut amongst the most avant-garde scene.


More delightful scents are on the way and will be with you shortly, as soon as we catch the experiment that escaped last Wednesday and has started making gurgling noises in the rafters of the study. We have tried our best to catch it but it keeps throwing some form of purple excrement that smells very similar to sherry triffle….

We will endeavor to do everything in our power to get rid of whatever the creature is. At present the idea of opening a window and shooing it away with a rolled up newspaper is proving less than successful, rather terrible if you ask me.

One does hope you try the scents currently available and you have a pleasant rest of your day.

Kindest regards

Jack Defer